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Navigating Your Restoration Journey with Confidence

  • Can FRCS incorporate additional work during the restoration?

    Yes! This unfortunate event can be a chance to make desired changes to your space, like removing walls or expanding rooms. We’re here to do the work you’ve dreamed of. However, remember that this project is primarily for restoration, financed by your insurance, and time-sensitive due to Additional Living Expenses (ALE) policies.

  • How long do repairs usually take?

    The timeline for fire damage repair varies, typically ranging from 4 to 8 months. Success hinges on the contractor’s ability to organize, prioritize, and communicate. FRCS’s extensive experience in fire damage restoration ensures efficiency and effectiveness in project completion.

  • Why can repairs be time-consuming?

    Restoring a home is as complex as building a new one due to unforeseen delays and the need to start from scratch—designing floor plans, obtaining quotes, and undergoing city inspections. Our proficiency allows us to minimize these delays, choosing from multiple trades and vendors to keep the project moving forward. Note: Opting for an interior designer may introduce further delays, which we find unnecessary.

  • What warranty does FRCS offer?

    We provide warranties on both labor and materials, using quality products and skilled labor for all tasks. Licensed MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) vendors are involved in every project, allowing us to confidently guarantee our work.

  • Does FRCS offer Mitigation services?

    While we don’t directly perform mitigation services, we partner with highly qualified companies for tasks like water extraction, dehumidifying, and content storage. We coordinate closely with these companies, especially during the framing stage, to ensure a seamless transition from mitigation to restoration.

  • Is FRCS insured?

    Absolutely. We maintain General Liability and Builders Risk coverage, with bonds available as needed to ensure your project is protected.

  • Will there be daily work at home?

    It’s important to focus on the overall timeline rather than daily activity. Construction involves periods of intense work followed by quieter times due to necessary background tasks like permitting and estimates. Regular updates will focus on weekly progress, keeping you informed of the pace and plan.

  • What are the payment terms?

    Payment terms depend on mortgage company involvement, typically structured around three draws with inspections. Without a mortgage company, payments are based on project milestones. We coordinate with insurance adjusters for the release of funds, ensuring financial clarity and smooth project progression.